And2 Girls OVA

And2 Girls OVA

Original Title
Completed 安菟! 安菟! OVA迷你剧场版

Translation Progress
Completed 01 / 01


The animation And2 Girls is based on the five-member virtual idol group And2girls. The story takes place after the era of Big Power Outages, in which Shang Jing City had become an international metropolis due to its energy reserves and development. Idols have also become recognized by everyone and sought after. Studying at Music&Art Private High School, the five girls encounter acquaintances and companions for their common purpose. They make unremitting efforts towards their goal, boarding the summit of Star List through the match, to prove their strength!



Official Site
安菟! 安菟! OVA迷你剧场版

Staff List
Bronco PR

Ivan TL

Yuuki EE

Last Modified: June 20, 2020