• June 1, 2020 • English


Original Title
Completed 非人哉

Translation Progress
Completed 48 / 48

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All Saints Street



How do famous mythical creatures from classical Chinese legends survive modern society? They have become the otaku girl, the guy next door, and the office workers around us. Be it happiness or friendship, the funny and strange stories of their daily lives soon created an incredible alternate world of deities.

Non-human English Sub (EP01-48)
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Staff List
Ag2s EE

Emily EE

Jasland TL

Jyzal IC TL

Lankong TL

Nine TL

Raliath PR

Yuuki EE


Last Modified: July 18, 2020
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  1. Japanimelvr Japanimelvr

    Would it be possible to upload this torrent file again? There only seem to be 2 seeders that never seem to be online.

    1. wuzimiko wuzimiko

      @JapanimelvrHi, we're looking into it, cheers!

  2. FlowerChild FlowerChild

    Are there any plans to continue translating the rest of the episodes of the show?

    1. wuzimiko wuzimiko

      @FlowerChildUnfortunately, so far no, due to copyright considerations. Cheers!

  3. Fei Ren Zai Fan Fei Ren Zai Fan

    Would you guys be willing to consider picking this up again in the future? It's unfortunately been a year since the translator for s4 stopped midway through the season, not that I blame them of course they must have their reasons. There were only 4 episodes of the season left that's why I'm a bit sad. Season 5 is out too with only 12 episodes as well.