The Silent Reader

The Silent Reader

Original Title
Ongoing 默读者

Translation Progress
Ongoing 1 / 12


Childhood, upbringing, family background, social connections, traumas...

We ceaselessly seek and explore the motives of criminals, pursue every trace of the emotions driving them, not to sympathize with them and even forgive them, not to find a reason to exonerate them of their crimes, not to bow before the so-called complexities of human nature, not to reflect on social conflicts, and certainly not to become monsters ourselves—

We are simply looking for a just answer for ourselves — and for all those who still have hope for this world.

Source: E. Danglars



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Staff List

asckj1 EE

Dolittle 苏叶叶 IC TL

E. Danglars QC

Jyzal TL

K 2-PR

Rebecca TL

Serin 2-PR

Tu-nan TL

Wuzimiko IC 1-PR

Yuuki EE

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