JX Online 3: The Adventure of Shen Jianxin II (English Sub)

Alternate Title | JX3: Chivalrous Hero Shen Jianxin Season 2
Status | Ongoing
Release Schedule | Every Thursday, 8 am (GMT+8)
Related Projects | [Season 1] JX3: Chivalrous Hero Shen Jianxin


After drawing the Sword of Heaven's Path, Shen Jianxin restores his confidence and returns to Jianghu. However, an unprecedented crisis is brewing in the martial arts community of the mainland. Because of his great power, Shen Jianxin finds himself dragged into the conspiracies of multiple parties.

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Translators and First Proofs

Cuttle, May, Rebecca, Wanghuan, YJ, 韶青

Second Proofs

Cat_Sidhe, Serin, Wuzimiko

Timing, Effects & Encoding

Emily, SchRita

Quality Checker

Jyzal, SchRita