Suspension of our Main Youtube Channel Guodong Subs

• September 18, 2020 • English

Regarding the Suspension our Main Youtube Channel Guodong Subs

It is unfortunate, but our main channel has been suspended due to various copyright strikes on our earlier works. As we are not part of the YouTube Partner Program, we are unable to make an appeal. It saddens us to say this, but the Guodong Subs main channel is unrecoverable.

We will be creating a new main channel and a couple of sub channels, bringing you the best of our translations while respecting the relevant copyrights. Thank you for your support over the years, and we hope that you'll be with us in our new channels.

Meanwhile, you might want to join our discord for all first-hand announcements.

Emergency Update Arrangements for Affected Works

A Will Eternal
A Will Eternal will be updated on an irregular schedule.
For more information, visit the AWE main page here.

Shen Jianxin Season 2
Shen Jianxin S2 will be temporary suspended due to Bilibili taking over the official release of Season 3. We are still deciding how we would release our subs for Season 2.
For more information, visit the SJX S2 main page here.

关于油管主频道 Guodong Subs 被封详细



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