Fog Hill of Five Elements

• August 10, 2020 • English

Fog Hill of Five Elements

Original Title
Ongoing 雾山五行

Translation Progress
Completed 3 / 3
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In ancient times, powerful Beasts rampaged the world. To combat them, a mysterious Taoist taught the five clans - the Clan of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth - the extraordinary ability of Yin-Yang's five elements. Together, they drove the Beasts into the Fog Hill of the Hidden, imprisoning them in a captive realm.

Within the Fog Hill lives another mighty Beast - the Qilin. Its immense power often attract Beasts desiring greater strength so that they may, one day, break out of the captive realm. Qilin therefore willingly sealed itself away in the Shield of Mighty Gate.

In an attempt to save his mother, Wenren Yixuan, the envoy of Fire, unleashed the Shield of Mighty Gate without permission. Seeing an opening, the little Qilin took the chance and snuck out. With its escape, the Beast Realm shall soon fall into bloody chaos...



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