A Will Eternal

• September 13, 2020 • English

A Will Eternal

Original Title
Ongoing 一念永恒 磨砺篇

Translation Progress
Ongoing 20 / 26


One will to create oceans. One will to summon the mulberry fields.

One will to slaughter countless devils. One will to eradicate innumerable immortals.

Only my will… is eternal.

A Will Eternal tells the tale of Bai Xiaochun, an endearing but exasperating young man who is driven primarily by his fear of death and desire to live forever, but who deeply values friendship and family.

Source: Novel Updates

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一念永恒 磨砺篇

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Raliath QC

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  1. BouncingHitman BouncingHitman

    hey any updates on this guys?

  2. Kastunas Kastunas

    So this show is no longer being subbed?

    1. Red Lotus Red Lotus

      @KastunasI think the whole group is dead.

  3. DarkArcRaven DarkArcRaven

    Please update your link in the "IMPORTANT NOTICE" as A Will Eternal is not on the offical channel (on YuoTube) as well as most of your on going projects. As for the translations, can you release the subtitle files up to what you have listed as translated?

  4. Lucas Lucas

    Where r the download links for eps. 12 to 20 with softsubs, please???


  5. Andrew Brown Andrew Brown

    21 episode please

  6. Andrew Brown Andrew Brown

    Any update?

  7. Richard Richard

    When will Eps 12+ subs be released?
    Thanks for the Hard Work!!

  8. Blood Blood

    Thanks very much for the works you guys do. Any update on episodes 12+?

  9. !!! !!!

    Episode 8 is missing

    1. !!! !!!

      @!!!Ah, my bad. They're just mislabeled. A search for Yi Nong Yong Heng instead of Yi Nian Yong Heng will turn them up.


    hey, any chance we can get a batch with more seeds on nyaa?

  11. DarkArcRaven DarkArcRaven

    Love the series and your the best when it comes to releasing quality subs. I feel bad most of your content got shafted on YouTube. Keep up the good fight and hope you'll keep going strong.

  12. Jack Jack

    Dailymotion or telegram

  13. Cherry Cherry

    Hi, is it possible to put it on like the Mdzs? Because YouTube would just keep taking it down :(

  14. Shin Shin

    Can you please reupload into youtube?

    1. wuzimiko wuzimiko

      @ShinI'll see what I can do

  15. Hi, can you add soft subs for ep 7 ?

    1. @TestHacoThankss!!

  16. sackofpotatoes sackofpotatoes

    Did you drop this show?

    1. wuzimiko wuzimiko

      @sackofpotatoesHi we have not dropped it, just that we're still smoothing out some issues with our new channels and some were just out from either the long holiday / exam period. Updates will be resuming soon!

  17. Bingo1910 Bingo1910

    Waiting for EP 5 , bro please.

    1. wuzimiko wuzimiko

      @Bingo1910Sorry for the late reply but it is up www

  18. thanks!
    please add soft sub

    1. wuzimiko wuzimiko

      @Scoville M GuimondSoftsubs are added via nyaa OvOb

    2. @wuzimikoThanks!