Journal of the Mysterious Creatures

Chinese Title 异常生物见闻录


As a person who is down-to-earth as well as a good Samaritan, Hao Ren desires to live the rest of his life as a benevolent landlord. Stumbling into a curious yet mysterious lady, he began his journey of “collecting” abnormal and supernatural tenants. His life only became more chaotic when he receives a labor contract from “God”. Discover the many races, myths and worlds that lie beyond what humans define as normal! This bizarre fantasy full of fun is sure to bring you on a crazy rollercoaster of emotions! (Source: Novel Updates)

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Status :
Currently Subbing
Studios :
MMT Technology
Episodes :
Release Date :
Jun 28, 2019 to ?
Episode Duration :
21 min


Comedy Sci-fi Slice of Life Supernatural

Voice Actors

Hao Ren: Feng Xiu

Vivian: Feng Junhua

Lily: Su Wan

Raven12345: Gui Niang

Data Terminal: Shen Dawei

Nangong Sanba: Xie Tiantian

Yzaks: Xia Lei

Nangong Wuyue: Cucu


OP: "Sonate of Fate" by Shuang Sheng

ED: "Wandering in Multiple Dimensions" by Voice17